K.A.R. Homes 4 u is a residential real estate investment company headquartered in Baltimore, MD. We are known to helping people especially home owners to achieve the dream of selling their house as fast as possible. We are expertise in buying houses directly for cash regardless of the conditions or reasons for selling, we neither waste time nor expect any repair to be done before we buy your house, as prompt as you comply with our terms and agreement was reached, we move straight to buying the house for cash and close the deal on the date of your choice. We have helped countless homeowners in Virginia to actualize this dream.

CORE VALUES: Think win/win, Treat everyone with the HIGHEST levels of respect, Excellence and Efficiency in everything, and Superior Customer Service.

We Offer Better and Faster Buying and Selling Service

Our unique method or procedure of buying house and incomparable selling experience service has made us an outstanding and significant real agent.

To ease-out the stress in selling and buying houses which has been the shortcomings of many real agents today, we decided to put in place these three simple and efficient buying and selling experience.

  • Reaching us via the Phone or Website.
  • Having a face-to-face meeting at the house.
  • Agreeing on a closing date.

We know what it feels when you want to sell your house fast and it’s not just happening especially when you have used the FSBO (for sale by the owner)-option and no one is coming forth. Following Nate's unique procedures- we get in touch with you, we give you a considerable price quotation for the house, proceed to buying the house for cash as soon as you agree with our quotation and round up the deal within seven-7 days or less.

If you have any questions about how it works, what the process of selling a house, or just want to learn more about us… don’t hesitate to contact us anytime at Call Us! (301) 971-4527. You can also use the contact us to reach us!

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